FanFest Tour and pics

The media was given a private tour of the FanFest this morning and among my first reactions was how big it was. If you have tickets, make sure you go early in the morning so you can have all day to experience it. There were too many exhibits and events for me to see in the short tour and I definitely don’t have enough space in this blog to list them all. But among my favorites:

(Remember, all of these are free with your ticket price)

*What’s your call? – Watch close plays and decide if the runner is out/safe or the ball was fair/foul etc. MLB umpires will be on hand to discuss rules and close plays with fans.
*Bring the heat – Get a chance to strike out your favorite hitters by throwing a ball at a video of the batter swinging.
*Game saving catch – Have your photo taken as you rob a home run ball. 
*Video batting cages – try to hit against your favorite MLB pitcher.
*Baseball Card – Have your picture taken and your very own baseball card made.
*The Baseball Diamond – an actual indoor field with clinics and also a Mascot home run derby at 11am every day. (Justin Morneau, Evan Longoria and Ozzie Smith among hose hosting fielding clinics on the field at some point)
*Steal home challenge – Get timed as you run from third base to home plate and see how your time stacks up with some of baseballs best.
*Home Run Derby – Step into one of four batting cages and try to hit balls over the fence (I think its about 150 feet away).
*Infield practice – Field ground balls and make the throw across the diamond to first.
There are several memorabilia stands as well as an awesome Hall of Fame exhibit with more than 100 items from the HOF in Cooperstown. Included is a Babe Ruth game-worn jersey and several Cardinals related items.
Here are some pics that I took of the inside of FanFest as well as the construction of the MLB tent and softball field behind the left-field fence at Busch Stadium:

Construction of the MLB tent and softball field:
Thanks for reading. Feel free to email me with any questions about the All-Star weekend. I will be living at FanFest the next two days for so feel free to ask me anything. Have a good afternoon.
-B.J. Rains

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