Cards GM Mozeliak in Springfield

I am in Springfield doing some stories on some of the prospects down here, and Cards GM John Mozeliak is here to check in on the kiddies.

Mo brought his daughter along and the two will be returning to St. Louis tomorrow morning. He  chatted with Matt Baker from the Springfield News-Leader and myself shortly before tonight’s game about a variety of topics.
Most of what I talked to him about will be in my upcoming stories about the prospects, but a few newsworthy notes:
*On the Cardinals interest in the newly DFA’d John Smoltz: “Right now I would say no, but things could change.”
*On negotiations with Shelby Miller: “We obviously have another week before the deadline, but once we start getting to that ‘the clock is ticking mode’ it will force us to try and get something done, but Im very optimistic that we can get something worked out.”

*On whether Daryl Jones should have played in the Futures Game since he got hurt and hasn’t played since – it will be in my story next week but Jones was hurt and didn’t come right out and say it but probably shouldn’t have played in the game. Mo agreed : “I think that might have been a little premature to put him in that game, and thats unfortunate because it is a great opportunity, but you’d probably give it back if you knew you werent going to miss all of this time. I’ve thought about that myself, in that probably, if we could do it again, we’d just not let him play.”

I have gotten a lot of good stuff on the two hard throwing relievers, Samuel and Sanchez, as well as stuff from Kozma, Henley, Jones and Lynn. Also some more telling comments from Mo, so check for my stories next week on

From the Hammons Field Pressbox, have a great rest of the evening. 

Bruce Sutter bobblehead night tomorrow!

-B.J. Rains


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    My name is Nate Gonner, Sports Director for X-106 Sports in Maryville Mo, and I have a question to ask you. I am hosting a sports show this fall on Thursday Afternoons from 3-6 called “The Weekend Sports Kickoff” and I am looking for someone to talk baseball (mainly Cardinals but other teams as well) for 15 to 20 minutes each week. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing this? My email is just contact me when you have a free minute. I really look forward to hearing from you.

    Nate Gonner
    Sports Director X-106

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